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No Money Down, No Credit Required

Is a quick and dirty guide to buying houses without credit and with little or no cash out of pocket.

Don’t bother with banks and their rules, learn the way the PROS do it with maximum leverage and minimum risk!

Wholesaling For Quick Cash Profits

Is a quick and dirty guide to making cash profits of $2-$5k a deal, several times a month.

Imagine how your financial picture may change if you were bringing in up to $10k a month in extra income!

Creating Cash Flow with Small Apartments

Is a  guide to buying small apartments (5-25 units) for cash flow and retirement security.

Learn the benefits of small apartment investing, what to look for, how to finance, and much more! 

Asset Protection Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Is a detailed  guide to protecting your properties, your business, yourself, and your family from lawsuits, liabilities, taxes, and other financial disasters.

Learn all about trusts, LLCs, family limited partnerships and more!